Sprinkle of Optimism

Do you feel insecure to do anything?

Fear to get judged by some hypocrites and the point where you pendulate between your happiness and others’ expectations is stressful. I don’t want to live a life breathing opinions of everyone anymore.

I didn’t see anybody next to me during stormy nights when I was hunted by monster, my skin was burnt in the name of tradition, nobody was there to console while I was screaming out of pain.

I was so pissed off giving explanation and clarification. My brain seemed to stop processing. What I have learned during the bad time is I’m my own help, no one can help me until I stand for myself, until I leave to live for others’ judgements.

Finally I ended up getting the absolute solution.

Above all it’s me, myself and I

Rest is none of my business.


To live each day…

To live each day is hard sometime,

Each breath becomes heavy,

Ghosts of dissatisfaction hunt everywhere

Several lives are reigned by witty hypocrites,

They send me to apocalyptic hysteria

but don’t stop shooting with spurious arrows

I, a lost alien wonder way back to my planet

as I’m no more native.


Stealing moments

Do it all for you because in the end you’re doing for those people who love you and care for you. When you do something good and positive to you, it includes your dear ones also.

Hard times and heartaches are ordinary. What matters is you and your happiness and your choice to live again over every defeat.

A pair of eyes with diamond dreams

A candy heart with valour

A viking of emerald sea

never stops searching life’s golden key.


Barriers of tradition or Bliss of understanding

Marriage, a beautiful tradition to get engaged with someone with whom you can feel enlightened, cared, loved, respected. A partner with whom you can share all your secrets including your lame jokes and interests. An elysian bond, you and your partner become the reflection of eachother. A journey of togetherness, while caring for eachother’s likes and dislikes. All these are possible when there is understanding between two persons.

Understanding is the indispensable substance to sail the boat of marriage without getting sunk in disappointment of choosing wrong partner. In a typical Indian family (Arrange marriage is most preferable). Parent, other family members and relatives look for a girl for their son from same caste, same religion, (widow or divorced women are signified as bad omen), required knowledge in cooking and all household management including hospitality of guests etc. In case of daughter, they search for a man with (Same caste and religion still mandatory) a reputed job.

This is how we choose life partner skipping the understanding factor between two strangers who are going to live together for their whole life. Isn’t it risky? Like inviting unwanted chaos into life. They don’t bother to think that it’s necessary to know their wish what he or she wants in his or her life partner’s personality.

As I notice around, most of them have been adjusting for years to keep the walls of marriage intact doing their duties duly but not with pleasant intention so that tradition lives long.

Is this kind of relationship really alive?

Some societies of 21st century still can’t accept intercaste marriage along with disagree to the thought of widow or divorced women’s engagement.

Are some superstitious traditions more valuable than one’s happiness?


𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚐𝚘𝚗𝚗𝚊 𝚕𝚒𝚟𝚎

To look miserable is easy. To fight back the miseries is the real tough task but not impossible. Ask yourself once, Do you really want to show all your failures and pain to everyone? It’s like begging for sympathy. What you know is you can’t change some of the bitter phenomenons in your life, for instance- terrible past mistakes, unbearable present situations or people. This isn’t ending. Absolutely not. You’ll not get another timeline to start up from the beginning and to replace all the errors of your life. You can’t run from fear of unjust criticism and indulge in pathetic mental hibernation for whole life for some idiots’ ridiculous rules.

Every moment is a new beginning and it’s never late to begin again.

Light up yourself with your own positiveness and enthusiasm. This is your life and You are gonna live it fully till you satisfy your spirit and you don’t give damn to any stupid excuse that you can’t live your own way of life.


I feel like..

I feel like I’m living inside dreamy bubble

Having thorns inside my throat,

You see my bleeding mouth

And smirk with witty devil face,

Molten path burns my leg bones

All you desire for hellish pleasure,

You forgot that both of us

raised from same inferno.


🌾🌾Magh Bihu_ beloved festival of Assam 🌾🌾

Here I’m, an Assamese with festive twists, feast and beautiful nature’s harmonious gathering.

Festival with sweet delicacies_ who doesn’t like! A big yes. Everyone likes. Magh Bihu is the festival which is celebrated after the annual harvest and associated with the brotherhood of Assamese people.

(Traditional Bihu dance)

The ubiquitous celebration of Bihu has trapped my home also and it’s quiet pleasant. The uniqueness lies in traditional preparations of pithas (sweet) keeping aside the modern procedures (Grinder, Oven etc) for a few days.

These pithas are made of indigenous rice (Bora saul) and (Joha saul) of Assam, stuffed with sweet coconut and sesame seeds. Rest are in process. (Credit goes to my sweet mother)

Magh Bihu reflects the celebratory spirit of the greater Assamese community.

🥟🥟 Happy Magh Bihu to all🥟🥟